A Unique Way to Eliminate Spam

no spam!
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There it is again. All those annoying messages infiltrating your inbox on a daily basis. You probably spend more time than you would like eliminating all this “spam.” You probably just delete them and go on your way to your daily work routine. However, there is an even better way to help get rid of spam messages: You can report them!

It sometimes seems that spammers show no respect. They sometimes want to just see how many messages they can send via their capturing emails. These spammers ignore mainstream methods of gathering email addresses. Legitimate methods allow you to actually opt-in or enter your email address at websites that you actually visited and want more information from. But spammers use different methods. Spammers have found creative ways to look at websites for “mailto:” HTML code. They then collect these addresses and proceed to send spam and other junk mail. These spammers are even able to circumvent concealed emails or those that are disguised in ways such as “individual at company dot com.” Believe it or not, these addresses can be gathered as well. Spammers have also been known to create worms or viruses that are installed — without you even being aware of it — to collect not only your email but those in your contact list or address book.

So how do you report spam and why should you? The more users that continue to report spam, the more strength gathers to try to completely eliminate it. You can go to sites such as spamcop.net to report incoming spam emails. This site can also provide you with a spam-free email account for your use. There are also spam blocking lists among other features. Pass along this information to everyone you know that may be having issues with receiving a lot of spam.