Is Computer Security Really That Important?

You may ask yourself, how vulnerable is your computer to an internet security threat? With that, how often have you or someone you know been the victim of a hacker, or otherwise computer virus?

These are valid questions to consider when determining whether your present or anticipated security measures are sufficient. Unfortunately, many people seem to believe the risk is far too overstated. After all, why would someone want to hack into your computer? Most of us are average computer users with little to steal, not multi-billion dollar corporations with tons of confidential data and resources.

Consider it this way: typically when we assume that nothing can go wrong is when something does (just like Murphy’s Law). And even if nothing does go wrong, is it not better to prepare for certain eventualities rather than pretend those types of things only happen to “other people.”

Think about how important the sanctity and reliability of your computer is to you. Do you rely on it for work and keep loads of irreplaceable information inside? These valuables may not be millions of dollars worth of corporate secrets, but they might as well be to you if their loss is unrecoverable.

Taking a few simple precautions (as listed below) may mean the difference between a hacker or virus gaining access to your computer and either breaching your confidentiality, or destroying all of your data permanently.

1. Research and invest in a highly rated virus and spyware protection software. Be sure to keep it updated and run it on an intermittent basis. You might be surprised at how many low to medium risk cookies or other potential threats are implanted into your computer from any number of sites.

2. Avoid opening attachments in emails from people you don’t explicitly trust

3. Maintain your passwords and all other personal information in a secure place

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