Is Your Email Protected?

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You may have plenty of protection on your computer. For instance, there is a decent chance that you have an antivirus program, firewall, and other utilities, such as registry tools, present on your computer. But is that enough? Depending on how you use your email, it may not be the case.

You cannot obtain a virus by opening up an email. However, you can most definitely get a virus by opening an attachment. As a result, if you are lacking some protection for attachments, typical measures to protect your computer are undermined by this loophole.

In determining your risk level, every email program and utility is different. For instance, if you have a free and widely-used email utility that you can access online, there is often some protection present; for example, Yahoo! Mail uses Norton to scan every email attachment. But you may be opening emails and attachments through a hosting website or service that does not do this.

Take a look at how you open emails and attachments. Whether this is done online, through an application on your computer, or some other means, you certainly need to have some method of protection. If you don’t have this, you should immediately look into ways to protect yourself from viruses with your email client/service. You can find many downloads to do this.

Take care in regards to viruses and attachments. Even if you have a client installed on your home computer, you would, for instance, need to make sure that you are protected if you open email from a smartphone or other device. The bottom line is found in protecting your email.

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