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That’s a nice welcome change in Corporate America when big-time companies delve into the personal care arena of products revolving around the general well-being and safety of human beings. The name of the company is called Protech. And they specialize in defense and protection systems for the military, government, industrial, and even the everyday commercial needs of the public. The best part of it all is technology’s enhancement enough of the industry and the apparent result of big-name companies such as this providing the best of the best. Here’s the lowdown on this high-profile corporation (

Protech actually has been in business for twenty years, servicing all areas regarding safety and defense. Back in 1980, the company actually coined a technological breakthrough to revolutionize the security industry with the discovery of a new microwave signal processing called Stereo Doppler, which today you’ll find in most if not all motion sensor systems–especially systems used by the military. Over the years they’ve constantly revamped and updated their products to stay ahead of the technological times. One of the unique advantages is their belief that quality is better than quantity plus branding and marketing. They never felt the need to continue creating newer and newer products for the sake of profit. Their task has always been to continually improve the products they already have.

Some of the systems they have are the Piramid XL2 Series, an outdoor motion sensor system, the Piramid XL2 Camera Series which is the same as the previous only with mounted camera, Explosive Proof Microwave Sensors, Piramid Direction Control Ladder Series, mostly used by the military or government to protect against intruders climbing on ladders or towers to invade property.

They stand by their technology, which today is still state of the art. Based in Sparks, Nevada, you can contact them at 1-800-428-9662 or e-mail at for more information on some of their great products!

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