Reducing Spam in Your Email Inbox

Don’t you just love junk mail? Spam-tastic, isn’t it? Of course not! Everyone hates junk mail. Everyone except for the folks who make money off of it. Did you know that spam is actually really bad for the environment? It uses up a lot of energy each year. That’s yet another reason to hate it. Undoubtedly, the world would be better off without spam.

Reducing spam and simplifying your email inbox will allow you to spend time doing things that are more fun! For example, you can surf the web, read an eBook, or enjoy playing BetUS Casino Games!

Luckily, you can take steps to reduce spam in your inbox. One great trick is to create a special email address that you give to shops and use whenever you’re registering for something online. Use it for flight information, online shopping, movie rentals, and anything that’s not personal. That way your email inbox will just contain personal emails, and your other inbox will contain commercial emails and so forth. You can scan quickly, delete what you don’t want, and report spam.

To reduce spam, you should always report it. Most email accounts offer you the option to “Report Spam.” Reporting it helps the email systems recognize spammers and block future messages from them.  You can also filter your mail so that unwanted emails get booted out of your inbox. You can even unsubscribe from messages that aren’t spam. For example, if you get emails you don’t want from a clothing store, go ahead and unsubscribe at the bottom of the email.

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