What’s the Best Way to Protect Your Computer?

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If you listen to the news with any regularity, it’s not uncommon to hear of someone who has been the victim of identity theft or hear of entire company’s computer systems going down because of a virus. If you think you’re safe, you need to think again. Computer hackers are everywhere, following the moves you make on your computer and tracking keystrokes as you input password information for bank accounts and other personal information.  No matter if you use p2p software, watch movies using xvid and the xvid codec, or just like to surf on social networks; you must always look out for computer security.

1. Install Anti-Virus Software – OK, no brainer but your parents might not be as savvy as you are. Many Elderly people are victims of computer fraud because they just didn’t understand the importance of Anti-Virus software or how to install it. If you are discouraged from getting this protection because of cost, rethink that position as a good share of this software is free. AVG Anti-Virus is really good and yes it’s free.

2. Update your software – One of the real keys to protection is making sure your anti-virus program is set to update automatically. Again with the parents, help them enable this feature so they don’t have to think about doing it themselves. Keep your Windows Operating System updated and keep your automatic updates turned on so updates are installed automatically.

3. Do not install software that you don’t recognize! It’s not uncommon for programs to ask you to install other programs during the regular install. This is usually Spyware. Do not install it. If you don’t recognize a name like Adobe, don’t mess with it.

Checking the protection of your computer on an annual basis is a good idea. If you’re going with no Anti-Virus software, you are simply asking for problems. Once a virus is obtained it’s hard to get rid of without professional help. Doing some very limited internet research can give you some great options for free protection software.